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The building sector consumes a staggering 40% of the world’s energy and is a major generator of greenhouse gas as it heats, cools, and ventilates the indoor environment. This makes it a critical target for reducing energy consumption as we face sustainability challenges regarding energy use and environmental damage.

The International Conference On Energy & Environment series was first hosted in Dailin in 2008 (initiated by Tianjin University and Dalian University of Technology), and has since moved throughout the world tri-annually to become a truly international conference. We have had the pleasure to host the 4th COBEE conference held during February 5-9th in the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne, Australia – with RMIT University as the host. The conference brought together researchers from all over the world to address the negative im-pact of increased building energy consumption.

There were over 300 submitted papers, and we thank the entire scientific committee on their support through peer-reviewing the papers (see next page for committee members). From the submitted papers, the final number of accepted papers was just over 200. The topics covered demonstrated strong interest in the folllowing fields: Advanced Modelling & CFD, Heat Exchange Systems, Indoor Air Quality & Health, Building Energy, Urban Buildings & Environment, Ventilation, Thermal Comfort.

Other topics of interest included: Building Envelope & Phase Change Materials, Passive Building Design, Sensors, Controls & Monitoring, Cooling & Air Conditioning, Experimental Measurements, Acoustic & Noise. The diversity of themes highlighted the need for greater collaboration which will deliver high level outcomes through multi-disciplinary approach.

On behalf of the COBEE2018 Committee, we thank all delegates for their strong contributions towards a fruitful conference.

Dr Kiao Inthavong, RMIT University
Ass.Prof Chi Pok Cheung, RMIT University
Prof Guan Yeoh, UNSW
Prof Jiyuan Tu, RMIT University

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